German and Scandinavian Studies

 Major (BA, BS) or Minor


Ger/Scan Studies offers a menu of customizable pathways through the language, literature, history, philosophy, music, art, politics, and societies of the region, plus personal guidance from a faculty mentor. Like all of our degree programs, it can be pursued by both BA and BS students and as either a major or minor.

Here are checklists of the major requirements and minor requirements, as well as a list of upcoming courses that count for the major. Please contact an advisor to declare a major or to ask any questions.

Students desiring advanced language ability should consider our regular majors in German or Scandinavian.



Individually customized pathways combining these themes—or others—are also possible in consultation with a faculty mentor or the department advisor.

The pathways above are designed for majors but may be modified for students in the Ger/Scan Studies minor. Special arrangements can also be made for students studying Swedish