Pathway in Study abroad in Germany: General guidance

Principal faculty mentor: see the departmental undergraduate advisor

Requirements for the Ger/Scan major

Students can study abroad in Germany in virtually any field. Courses in any subject (science, business, history, literature, sociology, etc.), count for the major as long as they are taught in German above the second-year level. Up to 24 credits transferred from a recognized German university may count for the major in this way.

Students must also take any 6 courses taught by the UO Department of German and Scandinavian, adding a further 24 credits.

(Courses taken abroad in English may also count, as long as they are focused on Germany and Scandinavia and the student still has at least 24 credits taken at UO.)

Of the total 48 credits, at least 32 must be at the upper division, and at least 44 taken for a grade.

Students must also complete a capstone project, ideally one that integrates their course of study in Germany, under the guidance of their faculty mentor.

For more guidance on specific subjects, see the study abroad pathways in Business and Science.