Upcoming courses in German and Scandinavian Studies

NOTE: As a general rule, any GER or SCAN course counts, as do courses in other departments in which (a) at least 30% of the content focuses on Germany/Scandinavia or (b) at least 30% of the grade is based on an independent research project that the student has focused on the region. Consult the major checklist and minor checklist and the major/minor requirements for details.

Winter 2020

Courses in the Department of German & Scandinavian

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GER/SCAN 300: The Quality of Life (NEW!)

This course is recommended for all students enrolled or thinking about enrolling in the Ger/Scan Studies major or minor.

More info coming soon!

Courses in other Departments

GEOG 202Geography of EuropeMurphy A22542
HUM 260Postwar European CulSheridan G26035
HIST 302Modern EuropeDracobly A26761
HIST 427Top Germ Intellect HisMcCole J26836
HIST 428Top Issues 20c EuropeMcCole J22849
HIST 436Top 10th C GermanyWolverton L26804
HIST 443Top Nazi GermanyLuebke D26834
MUS 351Bach and HandelTBA24450
PHIL 433Top KantMarren M24993
PHIL 463Top ArendtMann B24995
PHIL 463Top HeideggerVallega-Neu D26525
PS 433Marx & Radical ThoughtFarrington A26483