Pathway in Gender and Sexuality

Principal faculty mentor: Benjamin Mier-Cruz

Requirements for the Ger/Scan major

  1. Take GER 101-103 and 201-203; or SWED 101-103 and 201-203 (or place out)
  2. Take 4 upper-division courses taught in German or a Scandinavian language (e.g. GER 311-313 and one other; SWED 405: Third Year Swedish )
  3. Take 8 further courses which
    1. Appear on the list of Recommended Courses below OR
    2. Have a GER or SCAN subject code (even if not on the list)
  4. With your faculty mentor’s approval, you may substitute:
    1. A relevant course(s) on gender and sexuality offered in another UO department
    2. A course(s) with a major independent project focused on Germany or Scandinavia
  5. Make sure you end up with
    1. A grand total of 12 courses beyond GER 101-203 or SWED 101-203
    2. At least 8 of the 12 at the upper division
    3. At least 6 of the 12 with a GER or SCAN subject code
  6. Consult your faculty mentor about
    1. the capstone requirement
    2. study abroad (if you’re interested)

Recommended Courses

GER 222                     Voices of Dissent in Germany
GER 251                     Sexuality
GER 350                     Genres in German Literature
GER 354                     German Gender Studies
GER 366-368              Themes in German Literature
SCAN 315                  Nordic Cinema
SCAN 316                  History of Cinema
SCAN 317                  Directors, Movements, and Manifestos
SCAN 325                  Constructions versus Constrictions of Identity
SCAN 351                  Periods in Scandinavian Literature
SCAN 353                  Scandinavian Women Writers
SCAN 354                  Genres in Scandinavian Literature

Also Recommended (subject to criterion 4a above)

WGS 201                    Introduction to Queer Studies
WGS 251                    Transnational and Indigenous Feminisms
WGS 315                    History and Development of Feminist Theory
WGS 321                    Feminist Perspectives
WGS 351                    Decolonial Feminism
WGS 451/551             Global Issues and Perspectives
ANTH 315                  Gender, Folklore and Inequality
CINE 350                    Queer European Cinema
CINE 381M                Film, Media, and Culture
COLT 360                   Gender & Identity in Literature
FLR 370                      Folklore and Sexuality
FLR 418/518               Folklore and Gender
PHIL 315                    Feminist Philosophy
SOC 456                     Feminist Theory