Pathway in History and Politics

Principal faculty mentor: Ian F. McNeely

This pathway is especially well-suited for double majors in History, Political Science, and International Studies, but also other fields. It can be expanded to include courses in music, art history, and philosophy listed in other pathways.

Requirements for the Ger/Scan major
  1. Take GER 101-103 and 201-203; or SWED 101-103 and 201-203 (or place out)
  2. Take 4 upper-division courses taught in German or a Scandinavian language (e.g. GER 311-313 and one other; SWED 405: Third Year Swedish)
  3. Consider a focus in one of these areas
    1. German culture and its impact on the world
    2. Modern Germany
    3. Medieval and Early Modern Germany
    4. Germany in Europe
    5. Germany and war
  4. Choose between 3 and 6 courses from the list below (4 recommended)
  5. Take 2 to 5 further GER or SCAN courses (4 recommended) so that you end up with
    1. A grand total of 12 courses beyond GER 101-203 or SWED 101-203
    2. At least 8 of the 12 at the upper division
    3. At least 6 of the 12 with a GER or SCAN subject code
  6. Consult your faculty mentor about
    1. the capstone requirement
    2. study abroad (if you’re interested)

Eligible courses inside the Department

 Any GER or SCAN course numbered 210-499

eligible courses outside the department

EURO 415        European Union History
GEOG 202       Geography of Europe
HIST 211*        Reacting to the Past
HIST 240          War in the Modern World I
HIST 301-303   Modern Europe 18c-20c (only up to 2 out of 3)
HIST 342          German History (topics)
HIST 411*        Advanced Reacting to the Past
HIST 415*        Advanced World History
HIST 420          Idea of Europe (also offered as RL 407)
HIST 425          Economic History of Modern Europe
HIST 427          Intellectual History of Modern Europe
HIST 428          Europe in the 20th Century
HIST 436          Medieval Central Europe
HIST 442          Early Modern German History
HIST 443          Modern Germany
HIST 444          The Holocaust
HUM 260          Postwar European Culture
JDST 213          The Jewish Encounter with Modernity
PS 312               Shadows of Modernity
PS 324               European Politics
PS 433               Marxism and Radical Thought
PS 440*             Causes and Prevention of War
PS 475               Politics of the European Union
REL 323            History of Christianity, 1500-present

* depending on content