Pathway in Study abroad in Germany: Business

Principal faculty mentor: Sonja Boos

This pathway is designed for UO students enrolled at the University of Mannheim as part of the IE3 Baden-Württemberg exchange. Students are encouraged to combine English-language business courses at Mannheim with any courses of their choosing taught there in German. Similar programs of study at other German universities also work.

Students may also wish to pursue the LCB Global Business Certificate in German.

Requirements for the Ger/Scan major

  1. Take GER 101-103 and 201-203 (or place out)
  2. Take 12 credits at the University of Mannheim as described below
  3. Take at least 16 credits taught in the German language above the 2nd year level
    1. Either at the UO (e.g. as GER 311-313 and one other)
    2. And/or at Mannheim (in any subject)
  4. Take any GER and/or SCAN courses at UO so that you end up with
    1. At least 48 credits for the major
    2. At least 32 of the 48 at the upper division
    3. At least 24 of the 48 taught by the UO Department of German and Scandinavian
  5. With your faculty mentor’s approval, you may substitute:
    1. A relevant course(s) on international business (e.g. in the UO business school)
    2. A course(s) with a major independent project focused on Germany or Scandinavia
  6. Consult your faculty mentor about
    1. the capstone requirement
    2. other courses to take while abroad

Recommended German Business Courses at Universität Mannheim

(12 credits= 4 of these courses at 3 transferable ECTS credits apiece)

4001    Understanding the German Economy from a Cultural Perspective
4005    The German Financial Market
4008    The European Union and the Euro crisis
4009    United in Diversity – a history of the European Union
4013    Germany at a glance