Why Study Swedish?

Learning another language fulfills the primary purpose of a university education: It prepares you to reason critically, to analyze and solve problems, and to communicate with others in a world of widely differing cultures. In addition:

  • Swedish is a close cousin of English, spoken by 10 million people
  • Once you know Swedish, it’s easy to acquire Danish or Norwegian as well
  • Together, the Scandinavian countries rank among the world’s leaders in human development, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and personal happiness
  • Scandinavia is remarkably multicultural, and shows how diverse cultures interact within a politically progressive social model
  • Studying Scandinavian languages and cultures gives you a glimpse into visionary writers, artists, thinkers, designers, filmmakers, and philosophers

Start with SWED 101 and fulfill your BA language requirement by progressing through SWED 203. Advanced Swedish is available as a guided independent study option, or through study abroad.