Why Study German?

Learning another language fulfills the primary purpose of a university education: it prepares you to reason critically, to analyze and solve problems, and to communicate with others in a world of widely differing cultures. In addition:

  • With over 100 million speakers across the world, German is also the most widely spoken native language in Europe
  • Germany has the world’s fourth-largest economy and is Europe’s economic powerhouse
  • Germany stands at the forefront of environmental awareness and sustainable technology
  • German-speaking Europe, including Austria and Switzerland, boasts one of the world’s great literary, philosophical, artistic, and scientific traditions
  • German is one of the most important world languages for science and business
  • Knowing German and learning about German culture provides a competitive edge for numerous career opportunities and further education

Start with GER 101 and fulfill your BA language requirement by progressing through GER 203. If you know some German already, you can place directly into 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th year language courses.