Matthias Vogel

Matthias Vogel profile picture
  • Title: Senior Instructor II and Language Coordinator
  • Additional Title: Director of Undergraduate Studies, German and Faculty Fellow, Building C
  • Phone: 541-337-2634
  • Office: 208 Friendly Hall
  • Office Hours: Winter 2023: Mo/We 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Departments: German & Scandinavian
  • Affiliated Departments: Global Studies
  • Interests: German language, culture, and pedagogy; Globalization and Global Engagement Issues; Study Abroad; Identity Discourses and Multiculturalism; Food Studies; Higher Education Organizational Leadership; Academic Residential Communities and Residential Life

Research and Teaching Profile

Recent Courses: UGST 111: Fundamentals of Globalization; Ger199: Money and Me; German 222: Holocaust Narratives in German Literature and Film; German 223: Germany a multicultural society; German 345M: Food, Culture, Identity in Germany; German 409: Teaching Internship; German 411: Advanced Grammar, German 470/570: German for Reading Knowledge; German 610: Teaching Methods; German 609: Practicum Teaching

Office Hours for Fall Term 2022: Monday, 10 AM to 12 PM