Joscha Klueppel

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  • Title: PhD Student
  • Phone: 541-346-4051
  • Office: 312 Friendly Hall
  • Office Hours: Spring 2021: Monday: 1-2pm and Thursday: 12-1pm via Zoom

Research and Teaching Profile

Joscha Klueppel is a fourth-year Doctoral student in the Department of German and Scandinavian at the University of Oregon. After receiving his BA at the Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen, Germany, he joined the Graduate cohort in Eugene, Oregon in September 2017. He is working on Hesse and Kierkegaard, the concepts of anxiety, cynicism, and ‘Stimmung’ as well as Translation studies. Recently, he has started working on the contemporary poetry of Yevgeniy Breyger. His main focus, however, and the focus of his dissertation are the works of author Saša Stanišic. In his dissertation, he is also thinking about ways to bring contemporary literature in conversation with decolonization and how to decolonize German studies.

Klueppel, Joscha. “Emotionale Landschaften der Migration: Von unsichtbaren Grenzen, Nicht-Ankommen und dem Tod in Stanišićs Herkunft und Varatharajahs Vor der Zunahme der Zeichen”. In: Transit, Vol. 12, No. 2, 2020, p. 1-22.

Klueppel, Joscha. “Book Review: Manlio Graziano – What is a Border?”. In: Konturen, Vol. 11, 2020, pp. 174-180.     

Klueppel, Joscha. “‘We Can Do It’ [Wir schaffen das] – Creative Impulses Through Migration (a Report from September 2017, with an Afterword on the Situation Today)”. Translation of a lecture given by Sabine Scholl. In: Konturen Vol. 11, 2020, pp. 52-62.

Klueppel, Joscha. “Three poems from “fugitive moons”. Translation of poems written by Yevgeniy Breyger. In: No Man’s Land, Vol. 15, 2021.

Conference Presentations
A selection of his conference presentations: “Tolkien’s Authentic Creation of Myth” (2018), “Emine Sergi Özdamar: identity, trauma, and the mediation of German” (2018), “What does it mean to translate context?” (2019), “Beyond copyright: The Literary Concept of Authorship on YouTube” (2019), “Cynicism in Popular Culture: BoJack Horseman” (2020), The Power of Documentation in German Literature of Migration (2020), Intersections of Literature of Migration and Heimatliteratur in Saša Stanišić’s works (2020).

Innovation and planning
Joscha Klueppel planned an Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference at the University of Oregon in February 2020 titled “Ideologies of Convenience: Cynicism and Irony” with 15 presenters. He was in charge of the Call for Papers, the Keynote speaker, the budget, communication with presenters and other departments, advertising, the schedule, and the recording (which can be found on the department YouTube channel).

For Spring Term 2019, he worked with Matthias Vogel, Christine Vigeant, and Verena Zabel to revise the syllabus for the German 203 class. Together, they created a class that has its basis in reading Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s “Der Besuch der alten Dame”. Instead of working with the usual course book (Stationen), they envisioned a class that will show the students the importance of literature, its modern-day applicability, and encouraged student research while, at the same time, keeping with ACTFL guidelines on writing, reading, speaking, and listening proficiency. Building on this, Matthias Vogel, Christine Vigeant, and Joscha presented on their concept, experiences, and its applicability for the humanities and the question of the human in October 2019 at the RMMLA in El Paso, Texas. Currently, he is working on co-redesigning the syllabus for GER 313.

He is set to chair a panel at NeMLA’s 2021 virtual conference as well as PAMLA’s 2021 conference.