Minor in Scandinavian


The Scandinavian minor correlates well with studies that have an international or European concentration. It is particularly useful for students of international business, European history, sociology, political science, theater arts, and art history. For more information, see the Major in Scandinavian.

Requirements for the Minor in Scandinavian

The minor requires:

  1. Successful completion of one year of Swedish or equivalent (12 credits).
  2. Six Scandinavian literature or culture courses (24 credits).
  3. Of the requirements listed above, the following rules apply:
    • Three courses must be taken at the UO Department of German and Scandinavian
    • One literature or culture course may be taken pass/no pass

Minors in Scandinavian must demonstrate basic aptitude in Swedish, demonstrated either by evaluation by the Scandinavian advisor or by successful completion of First-Year Swedish (SWED 103) with a grade of mid-C or better.

Specific questions about the Scandinavian minor should be addressed to departmental undergraduate advisors in Scandinavian.

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