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Global Scholars Hall

The German Immersion Learning Community (GILC) offers students of any major the opportunity to develop fluency in German and to deepen their knowledge of German culture by residing in a German-language section of the Global Scholars Residence Hall. They will also gain knowledge of other languages and cultures by interacting with the other Global Scholars Residents who are in different programs.

As GILC students you will enroll in a special section of a German language class reserved for immersion students, participate in guided extracurricular activities such as the German Lesezirkel (reading circle) or Stammtisch (German table), participate in a study-abroad program to Germany after this immersion experience, and assist in GILC activities after returning from study abroad.

Becoming a GILC student and completing its study-abroad component will help you become fluent in German and well-versed in German culture, which, in turn, will allow you to meet the university’s goal of enhancing global awareness and developing global citizenship.

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