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May 22, 2017

No New Upcoming Events

There are no new upcoming events scheduled. Please check back in fall term, when we will have more events planned.

May 17, 2017

Miss Julie Double Feature

Join us Friday in Straub 145 from 5-9pm for a Miss Julie double-feature! We will show the 2014 Liv Ulmann Version first, and then the 1999 Mike Figgie version. There will be pizza provided.

November 9, 2016

February 24: Triumph of the Will?

“Triumph of the Will? — Theoretical-Critical Assessments of the New Era in American Politics” on February 24, 1 – 3:30 pm, Condon 260. Speakers from a variety of disciplines (COLT, GERSCAN, PHIL, PS, RL) will analyze, among other current tendencies: the assault on language, the populist co-optation of the media, the circulation of nationalist ideologies (with racist and sexist implications), and the devalorization of science and knowledge.
Check out the video presentations from the symposium here:
November 1, 2016

Mondays: German Language Circle

The German Language Circle takes place on Mondays from 4pm-5pm at the Mills International Center located in the EMU. Come practice your German with other German speaking students.

All are welcome.

Tuesdays: Stammtisch

Stammtisch meets every Tuesday at Tracktown Pizza, starting at 7. Practice German while having a slice of Pizza.

All welcome. Contact Helmut Plant for more details.

January 27: Arne Lunde lecture “Look to Norway!”

UCLA Professor Arne Lunde will give a Scandinavian lecture “Look to Norway!” which will discuss the Nazi occupation of Norway in Hollywood Wartime Cinema through 1942 to 1945. From 3-5pm in the Knight Library Browsing Room.

February 15: John McCarthy on “Reading and Writing in the Age of Consumerism- or- Humanism as Enlightened Patriotism”

Professor John McCarthy will hold a talk on Wednesday, February 15th in Lawrence 166 from 3:30-5:00 on “Reading and Writing in the Age of Consumerism– or– Humanism as Enlightened Patriotism.” This talk will address the professoriate’s pivotal role in educating the kind of thinking citizen of whom our Republic is in dire need.


This event is sponsored by the Department of German and Scandinavian, the Comparative Literature Department, and the Oregon Humanities Center.

Thursdays: German Club

German Club meets every other Thursday, 6 PM in GSH 131. Practice language skills while doing fun cultural activities. Contact German Club President Nicci Epple for more details.

All are welcome.

February 22: Gantt Gurley: “Meïr Aaron Goldschmidt and the Poetics of Jewish Fiction Book Celebration”

Come and celebrate Gantt Gurley’s book, Meïr Aaron Goldschmidt and the Poetics of Jewish Fiction, from 3:30-5:00pm at the Grad School Lounge in Susan Campbell Hall.

April 7-8: Music in Poetry, Poetry in Music and Liederabend

“Music in Poetry, Poetry in Music: an Interdisciplinary Symposium on German Art Song”. Sponsored by the Department of German and Scandinavian, the German Studies Committee, Oregon Humanities Center, the School of Music and Dance, European Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, and the DAAD at the Collier House, University of Oregon Campus.

The event starts at 9am Friday, the 7th, with The Poetics of Ruhe: Revising and Musicalizing Goethe’s “Ein gleiches” until 12pm, when there is a lunch break. At 2pm the event continues with Schubert until 5pm. Afterwards, there is a dinner at 6:30pm.

On Saturday the 8th at 9am we start with The Mendelsssohns until 1pm, and there will be a short break before continuing on to the The Schumanns. Afterwards there will be a lunch break until 2:30 when Brahms and Schoenberg begins and goes until 4:40. There will be another break until we reconvene at 7:30 for Liederabend.


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