Annual Gontrum Lecture 2020 Presented by Alexander Mathäs

Date: Wednesday, March 4th
Time: 3:30-5pm
Location: Graduate Student Center, Susan Campbell Hall 11


Kant, Goethe, Schiller and other eighteenth-century German intellectuals loom large in the history of the humanities—both in terms of their individual achievements and their collective embodiment of the values that inform modern humanistic inquiry. Taking full account of the manifold challenges that the humanities face today, this volume recasts the question of their viability by tracing their long-disputed premises in German literature and philosophy. Listen to Alexander Mathäs as he mounts a broad defense of the humanistic tradition, emphasizing its pursuit of a universal ethics and ability to render human experiences comprehensible through literary imagination.

Keynote speaker: Alexander Mathäs

This event is free and open to the public.


Mathas Beyond Posthumanism Book

Beyond Posthumanism: The German Humanist Tradition and the Future of the Humanities by Alexander Mathäs, published February 3, 2020