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Additional Certifications

Teaching Certificate

The Certificate in Second-Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) documents that the student has solid grounding in second language acquisition and teaching and in a specific second language and its structures. The certificate is easily added to a German major.

This certificate prepares you to teach in private schools, language institutes, and community-based language programs. It is a valuable credential for applying to language teaching positions overseas.

The following German courses may be applied to the requirements for the certificate in second-language acquisition and teaching:

  • GER 411 Advanced Language Training: Grammar
  • GER 412 Advanced Language Training: Writing

Teaching Degree

UOTeach is a graduate program that leads to a teaching license and a master’s of education degree in Curriculum and Teaching. The Middle/High School strand of UOTeach provides the opportunity to earn a license at both middle school and high school levels. UOTeach offers license preparation leading to endorsements in several subjects, including German.

Film Studies Certificate

The Film Studies Certificate is a 36-credit interdisciplinary graduation certificate that can be completed by students in any major. It involves coursework in English and a variety of other departments on campus. For a list of courses that satisfy the Film Studies Certificate, please visit Film Studies Course List.

The following German and Scandinavian courses may be applied to the requirements for the Film Studies Certificate:

  • GER 355 German Cinema
  • SCAN 315 Nordic Cinema
  • SCAN 316 History of Cinema
  • SCAN 317 Directors, Movements & Manifestos

European Studies Minor

A European Studies Minor can be an enhancement to your degree program. The European Studies Minor allows students to incorporate, within the German major program, an increased international perspective in their work with a special focus on an understanding of Europe’s identity and role in the world.

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